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Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm ***Please mail payments to: P.O. Box 65232 Fayetteville, N.C. 28306**** ***We have 95 gallon trashcan FOR RENT*** (IF YOUR PICK UP FALLS ON ONE OF THE ABOVE HOLIDAYS. You will only recieive one trash pick up for that week.

Guidelines & Policies

  • *All payments are due by the 5th of the month in advance. Service may be discontinued after the 10th of the month. Past due accounts are subject to a $5.00 late fee.*

    Prices: Monthly $19.00 with cart, Quarterly $54.00 with cart,& Recycling $4.00 Monthly optional.

    **We reserve the right to refuse trash service to any customer**
    • All trash,yard work,& recycling must be curbside by 6:00 am and all bagged .We will not pick up any loose trash due to Covid-19. Regardless what time the trucks go through your area as long as the trash is curbside by 6:00am. It should be picked up..
      Drivers will regularly note trash that is not out.  If you miss the truck it will not be picked up until your next schedule pick up day.  If we miss your:trash, recycling,or yard work it must be called into the office before the Office Closes. We do not deduct for missed pickups. (Setting out trash,recycling or yard work after truck has passed is not considered a miss!)
    • We do not pick up tires, car batteries,car parts, concrete, dirt, bricks, rocks, paint, hot ashes,furniture, construction materials, animal waste, dead animals,oil, or toxic materials. (DO NOT MIX TRASH WITH YARD WORK )
    • All yard work will be picked up on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month by request only.(CONTACT OUR OFFICE TUESDAY BEFORE 3:00PM TO SCHEDULE PICKUP)Yard waste is vegetation that grows in the yard. This cannot be mixed with any type of trash, metal, plastic or foreign matter. This material is ground into mulch at the landfill and is reused. No boards or building material.
    • YARD-WORK NEEDS TO BE CONTAINED AND NOT SO HEAVY THE GUYS CANNOT PICK-UP.There is a limited amount of trashcans and lawn bags we will dump each pick up.(We do not take lawn bags.)
    • Tree limbs are not to exceed 3ft long or 3in. in diameter and must be tied or bundled, not to exceed 75 lbs. Yard debris can be burned in the county or you can take it to Wilkes Rd. landfill. Call them at 486-0839 for information.
    • Make sure your house number is clearly marked. This is a county regulation.
    • For our customers who are using our trash cans, please remove them from the curb as soon as possible after, your trash pick up.**Customers are responsible for the trashcan if stolen or damaged in anyway**(i.e. NO HOT ASHES, DON'T SPRAY PAINT & ETC.)If service is stopped for non-payment and the container is picked up, a $10.00 service charge for the re delivery will be added to your account or you will need to provide your own containers. >
    • Acceptable Recyclables- are picked up the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each Month: Plastics (numbered 1-2 in a triangle), soft drink and water plastic bottles, plastic milk jugs. Aluminum cans (drink cans). Tin or metal cans (food cans rinsed out. Un waxed cardboard (cereal, cracker boxes,clean pizza boxes etc., whole or flattened). Newspapers including advertising inserts. Magazines, catalogues, pamphlets, brochures, annual reports, etc. whether shiny or not, telephone books, office paper, stationary, post it notes, school paper. Junk mail and advertisements, envelopes, posters, greeting cards, art paper. Cash register, adding machine, fax and computer papers.  
    • There is a limit of 10/14 moving boxes(broken down)per household per recycling pickup day.
    • NON-ACCEPTABLE RECYCLABLES- Plastic bags, plastic grocery bags,glass (bottles,window,mirrors) , tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins. Food, food wrapping and food contaminated packaging. Styrofoam in any form such as: packing peanuts, meat trays,& etc. Wax coated paper cartons including milk cartons. Saran wrap and cellophane. Plastic coated report covers, ream covers, notebooks, and spiral bound items. Ink cartridges, batteries. Photographic paper or film including negatives, x-rays, MRI films etc. Hanging files. Rubber items including rubber bands. Clothing, rags, cloth items. Appliances, furniture, wood or wooden items. Plastic items not marked with a recycle logo (triangle surrounding a number). 
      • WE DO NOT ALLOW GARBAGE SHARING: your service is for your household only!! If you are caught sharing garbage, your service will be discontinued and there will be no refunds!!If you would like to keep your TRASH SERVICE there will be a $35.00 RESTART FEE ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.
        • When moving or discontinuing service please contact our office. Your account will be charged if we are not contacted, this includes: going on vacation, deployment, school and ETC.
          • We are not responsible for your trashcan or any items you leave by your trashcan. Put only items and trash you wish to dispose of!!


            If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. 

In case of Inclement Weather tune into ABC11 NEWS WTVD for information regarding our trash pickup. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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